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Introducing Dinero Cash - the cutting-edge mobile wallet platform revolutionizing the way financial institutions interact with their clients, merchants, and business partners. Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to empower financial institutions with the tools they need to create a powerful ecosystem of mobile money services that will change the game.

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Empower and grow
your user base.
Provide new services and spread the network.

Dinero Cash helps your financial institution to solidify your customers and grow new clients with modern digital marketing tools. A new era of mobile money is here !

Instant payments.
Money transfers. Solutions to simplify
everyday life events.

Dinero Cash successfully digitize banking operation and its users won't need cash and credit cards. Forget about looking for ATMs. Everything is already in the smartphone!

Unlimited customization
for your business

Dinero Cash can be fully customised and deployed quickly within three months and provide a comprehensive ecosystem that will provide quick ROI and empower the user base.

Best digital payment experience

Our platform is built on the latest innovations in mobile money technology, making it easy to deploy, customize and manage. It enables financial institutions to create an ecosystem that will drive customer retention, increase revenue, and create new business opportunities.
With Dinero Cash, financial institutions can offer their clients, merchants and business partners a wide range of services such as money transfer, bill payments, mobile top-up, and more - all from the convenience of their mobile device.
We believe that the future of financial services is mobile, and we're committed to helping financial institutions stay ahead of the curve. With Dinero Cash, you'll be able to offer your clients, merchants and business partners the most advanced mobile money services on the market, and create a powerful ecosystem that will drive your business forward.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize the way you interact with your clients, merchants and business partners, join us in the digital era and try Dinero Cash today!

Offers what customers need.
Go beyond payment and offer to
be part of an ecosystem.

  • Buy & Sell goods and services

  • Offer an ecosystem: connect multiple partners to facilitate daily life operations such as SIM Top-up operations, pay water bills or school fees, etc.

  • Address small and large businesses

  • Easy to use

  • Easy money transfer

Merchants are taking part of a global network of cash-in and cash-out services.

  • Agent float wallet

  • Money is safe

  • Capture payments

  • Get rewarded to capture payments

  • Cash – Mobile money tool

  • Cash token – Token to cash services

  • Cash-in & Cash-out operations

  • Company tool

  • Register subsidiaries

  • Agent network

  • Multi-level fees management

  • Salary payment

  • Agent groups

  • Group fees

Operate one single platform

  • With our platform, a bank or MFI can give customers a seamless experience by using the same branding and design across different countries.

  • Our platform allows operators to easily add new features and capabilities, making it easy to continuously improve the customer experience.

  • Our platform lets operators manage multiple countries as one, ensuring a consistent set of policies for all customers and simplified operations.

  • Our platform allows for unique cross-border capabilities such as allowing a person in Mali to send money to a person in Niger, a wallet user in Togo to pay a merchant in Mali, and a person in Kenya to top up a SIM card in Morocco.

Modular Architecture

Monolithic architecture are over. We help you move towards a modular service infrastructure, so you can be flexible and adapt as the market changes.

Cash operations
Add your custom module

Feature list

Wallet Models


Payments & Transfers






Time to market

Typical implementation time can vary
from 3 to 6 months for go-live




Custom processes


Business rules


Third party integration

Wallet Models

Transfer money
Keep all your wallets
in one screen
Find persons to pay from the wallet
Track your savings
Link wallet to bank account
See and plan your budget
and many more...

Payments & Transfers

Top up your sim
Find person to pay
Pay for servises
Send money
Instant payments
and many more...


Agent network
Merchant's wallet
Salary payment
Cash in/out
Update locations
Cash to token
and many more...


Learn how it works
Connect biometrics
Learn how to pay and get paid
Investigate the possibility of the app
Create your account
Learn about all the advantages of Dinero Cash
and many more...

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