Dinero Cash for agency banking operations.

With Agency banking solution in mind, Dinero Cash allows you to extend the reach of your bank by leveraging a network of merchants to create true branchless banking.

Simplify and secure the management
of your business payments.

Agents and merchants operations are visible in real time and in one central place. Businesses are in control of their cash flow. Real time.

More services means more revenue for you

With Dinero cash You will be able to offer new cash services to your customers such as cash-in and cash-out, cash tokens and more.

Payment management
Transaction security
Transaction security
Get paid

Reduce operation costs

Increase your presence and multiply your points of sale by using Dinero Cash integrated agency banking solution. 

Creating an agent network with Dinero Cash is easy. All the on-boarding tools are directly available in the app. Deploy a network of agents and manage its complexity.

Capture payments

Get paid for services/goods in a glance of an eye. It is even simpler than cash.
The Payments option allows you to collect payments from your customers.

Agents have the possibility to create on their phones a unique QR code for each transaction or to create a static QR code to be freely positioned.

This extremely flexible option is suitable for all types of activities, whether an agent has one or more points of sale, one or more cashiers. All agents have permanent visibility of the payments received.

Get rewarded for payments capture

Provide your agents a reward from the bank for being a valuable link between the bank office and a final client.

Money is safe

Track all the transactions. Agents are always aware of how their money is working for them.

Agency banking – Grow your bank !

Cash Token service

Agents can accept cash and issue "Cash Tokens". That is an easy and safe method for transferring money.
Users willing to send money without the use of a wallet can go to an agent and perform a cash to token operation.
This token will be given to the beneficary to receive cash when he visits an agent of the network.

Cash-in & cash-out

Cash-in or cash deposits convert cash from clients to to up the wallet. Cash-out let you extract money from your wallet in physical cash. 
As an agent you get compensated with transaction fees for your services.
For the user, the operation is quick by just scanning a QR code.

Merchant payment

Capture electronic payments for your products and services. As a merchant you avoid accumulating the risk of holding too much cash.
You can also control your cashiers in larger organisations like gas stations, restaurant waiters, super-markets, etc.

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Wallet Models

Transfer money
Keep all your wallets
in one screen
Find persons to pay from the wallet
Track your savings
Link wallet to bank account
See and plan your budget
and many more...

Payments & Transfers

Top up your sim
Find person to pay
Pay for servises
Send money
Instant payments
and many more...


Agent network
Merchant's wallet
Salary payment
Cash in/out
Update locations
Cash to token
and many more...


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