Dinero Cash for agency banking operations.

Welcome to Dinero Cash - the ultimate agency banking solution that allows you to bring banking services to the masses without the need for physical branches. Our innovative platform is designed to help banks extend their reach and create a network of merchants who act as banking agents. This way, you can provide banking services to customers wherever they are, and wherever they need it.

Simplify and secure the management
of your business payments.

Agents and merchants operations are visible in real time and in one central place. Businesses are in control of their cash flow. Real time.

More services means more revenue for you

With Dinero cash You will be able to offer new cash services to your customers such as cash-in and cash-out, cash tokens and more.

Payment management
Transaction security
Transaction security
Get paid

Reduce operation costs

With Dinero Cash, you can easily set up and manage a network of merchants who can offer banking services to customers on your behalf. This includes services such as account opening, cash deposit and withdrawal, funds transfer, and more.
Our platform also allows you to monitor and manage your network of merchants, ensuring that they are providing quality service to customers.Dinero Cash is the perfect solution for banks who want to create true branchless banking. It allows you to reach customers in areas where it would be difficult or expensive to set up physical branches. It also allows you to reach the unbanked population and increase financial inclusion.

Capture payments

Dinero Cash allows you to easily collect payments from customers for goods and services. It's even simpler than using cash.

With our payments option, merchants can create a unique QR code for each transaction on their phone or create a static QR code to place in their shop.

This option is suitable for all types of businesses and can be used by businesses with one or multiple points of sale and cashiers.

Agents will always have visibility of the payments received.

Cut operation costs

By using Dinero Cash as a bank, you can lower your costs for physical branches and ATMs by using our network of agents to handle a large volume of wallet operations.

Money is safe

You can keep track of all your transactions.
Our platform allows agents and merchants to easily monitor their financial activity, ensuring they are always aware of how their money is being used.

Agency banking – Grow your bank !

Cash Token service

With our service, agents can easily accept cash and issue "Cash Tokens" - a safe and convenient method for sending money.

No wallet required!

Simply visit an agent and convert your cash into a token. The beneficiary can then receive the cash by visiting any agent in the network with the token.
Say goodbye to complicated money transfers and hello to easy, secure cash tokens with Dinero Cash!

Cash-in & cash-out

You can deposit cash into your digital wallet by visiting an agent and withdrawing cash from your digital wallet by requesting it from an agent. Agents are compensated with transaction fees for their services. The process is quick and easy, the user just needs to scan a QR code.

Merchant payment

Dinero Cash allows merchants to easily accept electronic payments for their products and services. This helps merchants avoid the risk of holding too much cash. It also allows merchants to manage their cashiers in larger organizations such as gas stations, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

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Wallet Models

Transfer money
Keep all your wallets
in one screen
Find persons to pay from the wallet
Track your savings
Link wallet to bank account
See and plan your budget
and many more...

Payments & Transfers

Top up your sim
Find person to pay
Pay for servises
Send money
Instant payments
and many more...


Agent network
Merchant's wallet
Salary payment
Cash in/out
Update locations
Cash to token
and many more...


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