Personal data protection and cookie policy

Personal data protection

Accelior is providing Dinero Cash platform to the bank and does not collect data or any user information. The service is hosted on the bank's premises and therefore doesn't allow us to access and collect any operation data.

Cookie policy

When you visit our sites and applications, we may, at your discretion, store various cookies, including advertising and statistical cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file placed by a website on a user's device that records the user's Internet settings.
It is downloaded via a browser when you first visit a website. When you return to this site using the same computer, the browser can check whether a corresponding cookie is present and use the data contained in this cookie to transmit it to the site.
Cookies are important for the proper functioning of a site. They make it possible to store connection information and provide a secure connection, collect statistics to optimize the site's functionalities and adapt the content to your interests.

What cookies do we use?

Cookies strictly necessary
These are cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation of our site. They allow you to use the main features of our site (for example, customizing navigation or accessing your account).
These cookies cannot be set because without them you will not be able to use our site normally.

Cookies for audience measurement
Also called analytical cookies, these cookies allow us to obtain information about the use of our websites, to know how they are used by Internet users and to measure their performance.
These cookies are used to compile traffic statistics, which then enable us to detect navigation problems on our sites in order to improve their operation or to highlight certain content that is particularly requested by Internet users.

Advertising cookies
These are cookies collected when browsing our sites and/or external sites where we advertise and used to present you with advertisements or send you information tailored to your interests on our site or outside our site when you browse the Internet.
The refusal of these advertising cookies has no impact on the use of our site. However, refusing advertising cookies will not result in the termination of advertising on our site or on the Internet. This will only display an advertisement that does not take into account your interests or preferences

Social Network Cookies
These are cookies generated by the "social network sharing buttons" that allow Internet users to share the content of our site on social networks (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Accept or reject cookies

You can, at any time, configure your choices regarding cookies by enabling or disabling each category of cookies.
The settings of your web browser allow you to block or delete cookies placed by the websites you visit.
For example, your browser may be set to notify you when cookies are placed on your computer and ask you whether or not to accept them. You can accept or reject cookies one by one or reject all of them.
We invite you to configure your browser to take into account the different purposes of cookies.